At Golden Steps Pediatric Therapy our mission is to bring out your child's best and reach his or her full potential.

We specialize in helping children challenged by Autism spectrum disorder, Aspergers, sensory processing disorders, regulatory disorders, dyspraxia, learning and neurological disorders.

We embrace the DIR®/Floortime Model, which challenges the child to improve their capacity to relate, communicate and learn. Therapy is Child's Play! We use child directed play to empower parents and caregivers to further the child's social and emotional growth.

Offering Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Assessments, Consultations and direct intervention for Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, Home and School Programs, DIR®/Floortime, Interactive Metronome, The Alert and Zones Programs for Self-regulation, Yoga for kids, Social Groups, Camps and more.


Find out how the Developmental Individual Relationship model of treatment helps children with developmental challenges.

Social Groups/Programs

We can help your child learn to develop healthy peer relationships and friendships. Try Yoga for Kids!

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Specialized Services

Learn about the advantages of the Alert and Zones Programs, Sensory Integration Therapy and Interactive Metronome.

Occupational Therapy

Your child can benefit greatly from our individualized clinic and home programs, involving family and school site teachers.

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